Wine By Brad - Groovy Margaret River Wines
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Wine by Brad Margaret River

The original.

This is where it all started. Way back in 2003, after a few beers and laughs around the campfire, the discussion turned to ‘the possible‘. The result? An irreverent, fun, fresh label designed to put a smile on your face, and with a whole lot of juicy goodness in the bottle.

The funky ‘Brad’ label reveals our love for 1960’s retro pop-art, and exposes our cheeky, irreverent side. As a pioneer of the ‘quirky-label/great-wine’ concept, the Brad wines have always been exceptional quality, winning accolades, trophies & medals – earning praise for what’s in the bottle, not just what’s on the label.

The wines are designed to be fresh, fruit-driven, stylish and tasty, for short to medium-term drinking. Essential Margaret River blends of Sauvignon Semillon and Cabernet Merlot, wrapped neatly in a fun, friendly pack. Go on then…

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