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You’ve come to the right place for tasting notes, logos, images and other useful stuff for downloading.

Media, trade and other interested parties may freely use the information provided here.

Tasting Notes

2017 Amato Vino Bianco

2017 Amato Vino Fiano

2016 Amato Vino Fiano

2016 Bela [slankamenka bela]

2016 Amato Vino Field Blend

2017 Amato Vino Skinnydip

2017 Amato Vino Nebbiolo Rosato

2017 Amato Vino Nero d’Avola

2016 Amato Vino Montepulciano

2015 Amato Vino Rosado

2016 Amato Vino Carignano Tannat

2017 Amato Vino Trousseau

2014 Amato Vino Tempranillo

2014 Amato Vino Nebbiolo

2014 Amato Vino Teroldego

2015 Amato Vino Teroldego

2016 Mantra Barrel Aged Sauvignon Blanc

2016 Mantra Chardonnay

2014 Mantra Cabernet Sauvignon

2012 Mantra ‘Muse’ Chardonnay

2009 Mantra ‘Muse’ Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 Brad Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

2013 Brad Cabernet Merlot


Don’t forget to credit or link us if you’re borrowing an image from this collection. That’s the nice thing to do.

Amato Vino Fiano Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Bela Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Field Blend Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Skinnydip Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Nebbiolo Rosato Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Nero d’Avola Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Rosado Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Montepulciano Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Carignano Tannat Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Nebbiolo Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Teroldego Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Tempranillo Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Trousseau Low-Res (png)

Amato Vino Bastardo Low-Res (png)

Mantra Sauvignon Blanc Low-Res (png)

Mantra Barrel Aged Sauvignon Blanc Low-Res (png)

Mantra Chardonnay Low-Res (png)

Mantra Cabernet Sauvignon Low-Res (png)

Mantra ‘Muse’ Chardonnay Low-Res (png)

Mantra ‘Muse’ Cabernet Sauvignon Low-Res (png)

Brad SBS Low-Res (png)

Brad SBS High-Res (jpg)

Brad Cab Merlot Low-Res (png)

Brad Cab Merlot High-Res (jpg)

Brad Range Low-Res (jpg)

Brad Range High-Res (jpg)

Caravan Life Brad 01 (jpg)

Caravan Life Brad 03 (jpg)

Caravan Life Brad 04 (jpg)

Caravan Life Brad 05 (jpg)

Caravan Life Brad 06 (jpg)

Brad Wehr 01 (jpg)

Brad Wehr 02 (jpg)

Nero artwork by Liz McKay

Vermentino artwork by Liz McKay

Monte artwork by Liz McKay


Amato Vino A (jpg)

Amato Vino A plus text (jpg)

Amato Vino MR Low-Res (jpg)

Amato Vino Low-Res (jpg)

Mantra Logo High-Res(jpg)

Brad Logo Low-Res (jpg)

Brad Logo High-Res (jpg)

Brad Logo Low-Res RGB (jpg)

Brad Logo Hi-Res RGB (jpg)