The original.

BACKGROUND STORY: This was where it all started. Way back in 2003, after a few beers and laughs around the campfire, the discussion turned to ‘the possible‘. The result? An irreverent, fun, fresh label designed to put a smile on your face, and with a whole lot of juicy goodness in the bottle. It was the start of Wine by Brad.

The funky ‘Brad’ label revealed our love for 1960’s retro pop-art, and exposed our cheeky, irreverent side. As a pioneer of the ‘quirky-label/great-wine’ concept, the Brad wines have always been exceptional quality, winning accolades, trophies & medals – earning praise for what’s in the bottle, not just what’s on the label.


Roll forward to 2017… and after 14 years of delivering excellent-value super-quality with Margaret River’s favourite vino, we bid farewell to Brad this year. No, not the winemaker, but the label! Or more specifically the dude on the label who we have loved for so long and who’s been very good to us.

One thing we didn’t expect was the great outpouring of grief and sadness that came with the announcement that the latest vintage of Cab Merlot and SBS by Brad were to be the last. There was outcry, disbelief.

So… under this (quite nice) pressure we succumbed. We’ve resurrected the people’s favourite wine styles – Cabernet Merlot and SBS – but now under our Amato Vino BLACK & WHITE label and now to be known as ‘The Brad’ and ‘The Blanc’. Sure, it’s not the Brad you knew before, but the new Brad is still the same ultra-good juice that you love.

These two wines now join the other blends in our B+W series – excellent vino at approachable prices.

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