Brad Wehr – Owner/winemaker

Having spent many years working and gaining knowledge around the Margaret River wine scene, Brad began his own small label that (for the times) challenged notions of winemaking models and brand design. That label was Wine by Brad. In 2012 the stars aligned to present an opportunity to diversify the winemaking to include lesser-known Mediterranean grape varieties. Through this period the Amato Vino business emerged and has evolved further to embrace older, traditional winemaking practices as the primary means of production. With no formal training he brings creativity and passion to the fore. He knows enough to be dangerous, but equally knows how not to stuff things up (not too much anyway).
Sharon Batley

Sharon Batley – Sales/Marketing/Winemaker

In a word, indispensable. Oh, and versatile. OK, two words. Sharon takes care of a lot of the big jobs, and covers off many of the day-to-day jobs too, allowing Brad to get on with the important tasks of surfing and playing on Instagram. She is therefore very important. Sharon oversees our domestic and international sales, takes care of the marketing and web-based stuff, and still finds time to throw the boots on and get her hands dirty in the winery whenever needed.