A Duck In The River

A Duck In The River

Yesterday’s surprise announcement by superstar chef, Heston Blumenthal, that he would bring his entire Fat Duck restaurant to Melbourne for six months, had Australia’s media and food-lovers frothing like a nitro-foamed vanilla ice-cream.

However, not widely reported was the fact he will also set up a number of pop-up Duck satellite restaurants around the country, one of which is destined for Prevelly Beach in the world-famous Margaret River wine region.

Says Blumenthal, “Sure, Melbourne’s great, and my staff will love it. But they need somewhere to go on holiday, drink good booze and surf. Margaret River is where it’s at.”

Blumenthal visited the region as part of the Gourmet Escape festival in November and was blown away by its natural beauty, and the high quality food and wine scene.

A surfing visit to Prevelly Beach, a coastal village at the mouth of the Margaret River and home to the not-so-famous Brad from Wine By Brad, opened Blumenthal’s eyes to the possibility. A post-surf coffee at the White Elephant Beach Café cemented the deal.

“It’s perfect. It’s a river. Ducks dig rivers. It all made sense. We just need to get all our ducks in a row.”

The pop-up will be constructed above the White Elephant Beach Café for opening in September this year, and is tentatively named ‘Duck Upstairs’.

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON APRIL 1ST 2014 (there’s a clue for you 😉 )

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